Belle Foret BF403CP Bridge Faucet Reviews

As a reviewer, I have a great collections of Belle Foret faucet reviews. Almost always, one must give up something for the other. There is opinion for everyone to get the idea about the related item. However, with the Belle Foret BF403CP bridge kitchen faucet, you won’t have to choose between usefulness and beauty. This faucet is a fantastic mix of both features.

Belle Foret Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review:

The BF403CP has a lot going for it. The return of the two-hand bridge is an ancient concept that’s been review for Belle Foret faucet reviews. For a century or more, bridge faucets have been on the market, but they fell out of favor as other designs gained in popularity.

After all, like everything else, faucet designs adapt to changing fashion trends. The bridge design, on the other hand, has never been completely eradicated. The same components – cold and hot inlets that feed into the faucet’s central pipe – are utilized with all designs. However we’ve grown accustomed to seeing them tucked away beneath the sink. All of this is viewable above the level of the sink with this design. This leads to a classic appearance that will always look nice.

The majority of people will like this design. There are some finishes that work better with this style than others. I must confess that the chrome finish BF403CP does not appeal to me, nor does the stainless steel BF403CP, however to a lesser extent.

Belle Foret Faucet Reviews BF403CP Bridge Faucet

⦁ High-quality Material
⦁ Simple And Delegant Look
⦁ Have All Modern Features
⦁ Easy To Install


Both of these materials have a contemporary appearance that doesn’t complement the traditional bridge form very well. Chrome has been around for more than 70 years. This faucet’s aesthetic transports us back to Edwardian times, when automobiles were just appearing on the scene. For my taste, the bronze finish works best with this design.

About the Dimensions:

This style of faucet has a smaller diameter than you would think. The spout is only 12 1/8 inches tall, with an aerator clearance of just 9 5/16 inches. The reach of the spout is 8 inches in length. However, given the smaller dimensions of most contemporary sinks, this faucet may be ideal.

This faucet’s cutting-edge technology isn’t the only thing that sets it apart. This faucet’s design is so rooted in history. Yet it incorporates modern features such as a ceramic disk cartridge that is extremely durable. It Also may even outlive the rest of the faucet. Ceramic diamond cartridges in some rivals’ faucets are more durable than others and are generally available at a higher price.

This faucet offers a high water flow rate, which will come in handy when you’re cooking and cleaning dishes. The 2.2 gpm flow rate allows you to fill pans quickly. The 60 PSI water pressure washes your plates in record time, making cleanup a pleasure. This faucet requires four holes for installation. The faucet has three holes and a fourth for the side sprayer. You may also add the soap dispenser in the same finish as this faucet.

Side Sprayer:

The weak link in this Belle Foret faucet’s design is the lack of an on/off switch. It appears to be well-made and serves the purpose, but the tiny size is difficult for someone with large hands like me. The thumb wheel isn’t anything out of the ordinary, either. I’m not sure if it’s a bad faucet or if it’s just a poor sprayer, but the design kills it for me. More importantly, I get the impression that this sprayer isn’t as well-made as the rest of the faucet.

It drips frequently, often for several seconds at a time, so you’ll always be cleaning up and wiping down the sink after using it. This is not what I demand of a great spraying device. The sprayer’s middle is a dull grayish-white color, which is another pet peeve of mine. The center would have looked so much better with a dark brown or black paint job instead of the two bronze ones.

However, this is just a matter of personal preference; you may not be irritated by it at all. The spray wand, on the other hand, is an eyesore given how nice and high-end everything else about it is. The parts are carefully design to fit together precisely with tight tolerances. The faucet won’t ever leak. At the swivel point, the spout will not leak, but it smoothly rotates without needing much effort.

Overall conclusion Belle Foret faucet reviews;

The Belle Foret BF403CP Belle Foret faucet reviews is a beautiful bridge faucet that will complement any traditional or vintage kitchen. It looks fantastic whether you’re trying to create a turn-of-the-century atmosphere or just like the faucet’s design. This model’s functionality matches its appearance (and even the sprayer isn’t bad). Because to excellent manufacturing and high quality materials, this faucet operates effectively and smoothly.