Vigo Faucet Reviews: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Vigo faucets review
A detailed review of Vigo faucets in 2023

Looking for honest and complete Vigo faucet reviews in 2023?

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Vigo Industries is an award-winning industry for its modern bathroom & kitchen faucets. Whenever there’s a need for a kitchen, sink, or bathroom faucet, the first name comes to customers’ minds, i.e., Vigo Industries.

So if you’re planning to buy Vigo faucets, this guide will be helpful.

This guide covers everything about Vigo faucets, features, and which is best for your kitchen, bathroom, or sink. 

Here’s a quick overview of Glacier Bay faucets:

TypeVigo kitchen and bathroom faucets
FeaturesLong-lasting and durableLimited Lifetime Warranty360° swivel spoutCorrosion resistantEasy to install & useAffordable and completely worthy
TypesEdison faucetsGreenwich faucetsWeston faucets
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Pricing$156 to $431
Where to buy?Amazon, TheHomeDepot, Build

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About the Vigo faucet brand

Vigo Industries is a leading luxury kitchen & bathroom faucet manufacturer with high-quality, unique designs and long durability. Lenny Valdberg started it, and now it’s 25 year’s industry experience in providing luxurious & modern faucets for the kitchen, bathroom, and sinks. 

Vigo’s faucets come in two major categories, i.e., pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets. Around 200 faucets are available in the pull-down, and 10 are available in the pull-out. 

All these Vigo products show exceptional faucet quality and are independently tested by laboratories to check as per industry standards like ANSI, IAPMO, UPC, cUPC, UL, CARB, NSF-372 & WaterSense. Customers can surely trust Vigo’s products’ quality and durability. 

Vigo’s faucets are available in different finishes, including – Chrome, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, and Antique Rubbed Bronze. Also, they have a unique style that matches today’s standards for Kitchen and bathrooms.

What makes Vigo faucets different and unique from others?

Some unique features that make all Vigo’s faucets stand out, i.e., a 360° swivel spout, 1.8 gallons per minute, single-lever handle, and water temperature controller. Also, they’re known for all Vigo products’ limited lifetime warranty to let customers use their products worry-free. 

Where are Vigo faucets made?

Vigo faucets are made of Chinese supplies, but it sells under the name of Vigo Industries. So they’re a leading importer that offers faucets and other important accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. There are varieties of different products offered by Vigo Industries. Also, Vigo collaborates with manufacturers to create its own faucets collection that matches the industry’s standard.

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Why choose Vigo faucets?

There are many benefits to buying Vigo faucets, including quality, design, and durability.

But we’ve handpicked some major benefits of choosing Vigo faucets:

  • Vigo faucets are long-lasting & durable
  • Many attractive and unique designs of faucets available as per modern standard
  • Vigo gives a limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer
  • All Vigo faucets are certified and trusted.
  • Vigo faucets are easy to install & use
  • Vigo faucets are affordable and completely worthy

And many other benefits of choosing a Vigo faucet for your bathroom, kitchen, or sink.

These Vigo faucets have everything customers want, including modern design, easy-to-use faucets, and long-lasting durability.

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Types of Vigo faucets

Basically, there are three types of Vigo Faucets available for the bathroom, kitchen, and sink.

  • Edison
  • Greenwich
  • Weston

Let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Edison faucets

Vigo’s Edison faucets are best-fit for the Kitchen. Its unique & modern designs stand out and match modern kitchen standards.

Vigo’s Edison faucets are top-of-the-line products that are popular because of their unique kitchen faucet design, shiny look, ease to use, and durability. 

Watch the below video to understand the technology and features used in Edison kitchen faucets:

Specialties: All Vigo’s Edison faucets have unique specialties like a 360° swivel spout, 7-layer plated finish, pull-down dual-action water spray, and single-hole installation in stainless steel or matte black finish. 

Price Range: $156 to $279

Here’s the top-selling Vigo’s Edison Faucet: 

Vigo Modern Spiral Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet

Model name: Vigo VG02001ST

vigo edison single handle kitchen faucet
Vigo’s Edison single-handle kitchen faucet

This beautiful & modern stainless steel faucet matches the industrial look. It has many advanced features like pull-down & dual action spray, 360° open coil swivel spout, and a single lever design that makes its use easier.

For kitchens, it’s a best-fit faucet because of saving space, money, and time with easy installation. Also, it’s certified by AB1953, NSF-372, CEC, NSF-61 & cUPC, which shows the brand quality. 

Top Features:

  • Pull-out and dual-action spray
  • Easy to clean
  • Single Lever for easy handling
  • Expandable Spout
  • Brass construction and coating
  • 360° open coil swivel spout for rotation
  • Easy to assemble & install
  • Beautiful & Modern Stainless steel finish

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2. Greenwich faucets

Vigo’s Greenwich faucets are highly in-demand because of their attractive matte-black finish, and high-quality & modern design. These Vigo faucets are 25″ inches extendable, have a 360° swivel spout, and a 1.8 GPM flow rate that makes the best-fit faucets for today’s kitchen.

Specialties: Vigo’s Greenwich kitchen faucets are so attractive, and their unique design with a Matte Black finish looks attractive in modern kitchens. The main specialties of Greenwich faucets are their built quality that is timeless and durable.

Price Range: $191 to $262

Here’s the top-selling Vigo’s Greenwich Faucet:

Vigo Greenwich Single-handle Pull-down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Model name: Vigo VG02029MB

greenwich single handle faucet
Vigo Greenwich single-handle faucet

In today’s Modern Kitchen, the Vigo Greenwich Single-handle Pull-down faucet is a perfect match. It’s a beautiful faucet with a sleek & minimalist design that comes with a pull-down & dual action spray.

Greenwich faucets have many advanced features that enhance the visibility of your modern kitchen. It’s made up of solid brass construction & 7-layer coat that keeps the faucet shiny & durable for long-lasting.

It also comes with a 30 inches pull-down sprayer extension that enhances usability. One unique thing that comes with this Vigo faucet, i.e., a matching soap dispenser that enhances the look of your kitchen. 

Top Features

  • Made up of brass construction with a matte black finish
  • Single-hole installation
  • Pull-down & dual action spray
  • Single lever design
  • Easy to install, use & clean
  • 360° swivel spout
  • 30 inches pull-down sprayer expansion
  • ADA compliant
  • 1.8 Gallon per minute flow rate
  • Matching soap dispenser
  • 7-layer plated finish

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3. Weston faucets

Vigo’s Weston faucets are best-selling faucets for kitchens. Weston faucets come with sleek & modern shapes, a 30-inch expandable, 360° swivel spout, and a 7-layer plated premium chrome finishing that looks so attractive. These faucets are available with a single lever and changeable water temperature with easy-to-use functionalities. 

Specialties: Vigo’s Weston faucets come with a 2.2 GPM flow rate, 7-layer premium coating of chrome, eco-friendly, 30inches expandable, and 360° swivel spout with total flexibility and certified by IAPMO.

Price Range: $156 to $431

Here’s the top-selling Vigo’s Weston Faucet:

Vigo 16 inch single handle pull-down kitchen sink faucet with soap dispenser

Model name: Vigo VG02005CH Weston

Weston Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet
Weston Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for a smart & attractive kitchen sink faucet, try Vigo’s Weston pull-down faucet with a soap dispenser that can extend to 30 inches.

These faucets are very modern faucets for kitchens with a unique & sleek design in chrome. It’s made up of solid brass construction that shows its durability for long-lasting.

It’s the best faucet for the kitchen that enhances the look. Because of its high-quality material, it’s easy to install, use & clean. Also, it comes with a 360° swivel spout that brings flexibility while cleaning. 

Top Features:

  • Single-hole mount with easy installation
  • Solid brass construction with durability
  • Easy to install, use, and clean
  • Comes with a dual-action water spray 
  • Polished with premium chrome finishing
  • Offer limited Lifetime Warranty

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Vigo faucets customers service

Vigo has provided strong customer support and a limited lifetime warranty for all the faucets.

So they’re taking complete responsibility and delivering you the best faucet for your kitchen. Vigo’s customer services are active and immediately resolve your queries.

Vigo provides excellent support for their customers for any queries or warranty-related queries.

To contact Vigo, you can call 1-866-591-7792 during their opening hours of 8:30-5:30 EST.

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Pros and cons of Vigo faucets

Pros of Vigo faucets

  • All Vigo’s faucets come with a limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes with 360° swivel spout & 2.2 GPM flow rate
  • Easy to Install, Use & Clean
  • 7-layer coated with a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Single lever handle & water temperature control

Cons of Vigo faucets

  • Many Vigo’s faucets do not come with a deck plate
  • Sometimes customers face poor water pressure
  • Sometimes water leaks due to poor installation

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Vigo faucet reviews 2023: are they worth the money?

This was the complete review of Vigo kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Vigo faucets are one of the well-known brands in bathroom & Kitchen faucets. These faucets are popular because of their sleek & modern design, high build quality, and long-lasting durability.

And, now, it’s time to share our thoughts on the Vigo brand.

Ultimately, whether or not Vigo faucets are worth the money will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and needs. But considering the price point, features, and quality of the products, Vigo faucets really worth the money.

We hope this article helps you to understand everything about Vigo’s faucets, their specialties, and which one is best for you.

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Are Vigo faucets good?

Vigo is a brand (headquartered in the US) that produces a wide range of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Overall, Vigo faucets are generally well-reviewed by consumers and considered to be a good value for the price.

Do Vigo faucets use cartridges?

Vigo kitchen and bathroom faucets use cartridges to control the flow of water through the faucet. The cartridge is a valve that sits inside the faucet and controls the flow of water when you turn the handle. Over time, the cartridge may become worn or damaged and may need to be replaced.

Who makes Vigo faucets?

Vigo designs and manufactures a wide range of home improvement products, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures. Also, some parts are outsourced from Chinese suppliers as well.

What are the types of Vigo faucets?

Three common types of Vigo kitchen and bathroom faucets are Edison, Greenwich, and Weston.

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