Top 7 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100 (Reviewed for 2022)

Looking for the best kitchen faucets under $100 or less?

Well, if that’s the case then we have got you covered.

You don’t have to shell a fortune to get a faucet that is aesthetic, reliable and affordable at the same time.

We have hand-picked some of the best ones that come cost you less than a hundred bucks and still work wonders!

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100 In 2022


1. Arofa A01LY Pull Down Commercial Kitchen Faucet

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The first one in the list of top 7 best kitchen faucets under $100 is Arofa A01LY. More than 87% of the customers’ reviews are positive, with a 5.0 rating, which shows the faucet’s quality and usability.

This pull-down kitchen faucet comes with a pull-out sprayer to bring water easily near your hands to wash dirt. It also has a 360-degree spout rotation.

It offers 3 water modes, spray, stream, and pause. Spray for washing pots or something else, stream for collecting water in glass, jug or dish, etc., and pause to stop the water flow. It has one lever or handles that help us choose either cold or hot water; it also controls the water temperature. And with this, we stop or start the flow of water.

Its premium nickel brush finish saves it from dirt and makes it easy to clean even with a piece of cloth. All connections are made with metal, and high-quality ceramic valves increase its durability. Thousands of tests for its performance and structure ensure its stability. Its pre-installed features make it easy to install and at this meager price helps you save plumber’s charges and get the chance to DIY. The area offers a 5 years warranty with replacement, and also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Pre-installed features
  • Simple and modern
  • Multiple water modes
  • Metal handle
  • 5 years warranty
  • Durable and stable


  • Sometimes it drips water after installation

2. WEWE Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

This faucet is very awesome and will fit your kitchen sink no matter which type or style your sink has. It is made of metal and has a brushed nickel finish, which adds more beauty to this faucet. This pull-out faucet has a pull-down sprayer, making it more modern and impressive at this meager price.

Sprayer with 3 modes add more convenience for users; if you need water in a dish, you can use spray mode to get water in the dish, stream mode to wash dishes, and pause mode to stop the water. The sleek design saves it from dirt and makes it easy to clean; we can even clean it with a piece of cloth. Its single handle allows us to control both the cold and hot water with water temperature and flow. Anyway, its installation process is pretty much easy, and you can install it without knowing to plumb and without someone else’s help.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy installation
  • Water modes


  • You need to tighten all nuts before installing

3. Aimadi Kitchen Sink Faucet, Single Handle with Pull Down Sprayer

If you have less budget, but you want just an excellent faucet with multitasking and steam design, this one is specially made for you. Amadi Contemporary kitchen sink faucet is made of brass and will add beauty to your modern kitchen with its single-handle pull-down sprayer. It has a 360-degree spout swivel—single-handle pull-down faucet with two Spouts, one for water spray and one for the stream.

Sleek lines on the handle and stainless steel spring make it more modern and decent. This one is efficient with water and works better. To ensure convenience, it has a drip-free performance system. It has an easy installation process, and you can install it yourself by using DIY. Sometimes it will create some issues for you because it doesn’t insulate well with hot water. You may also face some other issues because it has two levers, and in the first few days, you may not feel comfortable with them.

Peerless Tunbridge Two-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer

It has a two-handle lever, one for cold water and the other for hot water. Its installation process is straightforward because it is designed to fit on 4 holes with 8-inch configurations.

Moreover, a peerless kitchen faucet has a limited lifetime warranty. You can buy and install it with confidence because it will not make your kitchen attractive at this meager price, but it also offers a lifetime warranty. The only thing that is not in favor of the buyer is that you need to purchase supply pipelines separately if you buy this one.

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Spray

The stream is for storing or gathering water in a dish, spray to wash dishes, and pause to stop the water. This feature helps you to save a lot of water. It also ensures your family’s health because stainless steel faucets are user-friendly, made with lead-free materials, complied with NSF/AB1953, lead-free regulation, and certified by IAMPO.

Made of commercial SUS 304 stainless steel to bear all water and weather conditions, the Ceramic cartridge used in this faucet has passed 500000 cycle testing to ensure that this will survive more than 10 years. The faucet’s upper body is made of Zinc Alloy with a multi-layer of brushed nickel, and the 20-inch hose is made of high-temperature-resistant PEX.

It comes with easy installation, and you can install it in just 20 minutes by following the four steps without taking anybody’s help, no matter if you ever didn’t do any plumbing task. Appaso also offers a 90-day return, a money-back guarantee for its customers, and a 5 years product warranty. So you can purchase this without any hassle, and in case if you don’t like it, you can return it and easily get your money back.

Comllen Commercial Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

It has a 360-degree spout swivel, which allows users to rotate it to left or right, with a 20-inch hose makes it even more, easier for your chore tasks. Its single handle does all jobs perfectly, like water temperature or changing from cold to hot. The brushed nickel upper makes it more attractive. Sometimes, it is damaged by corrosion and rust, but these problems rarely come in comllen’s faucets.

Comllen not only offers easy installations, but you can also easily fit it on both â…œ and ½ water supply hoses. Comllen offers a limited lifetime warranty for its customers, and it is totally up to you whether you want a replacement or your money back. They also offer repairs. Let’s suppose your faucet has any issues, you can contact them, and they will free of cost repair your faucet.

Things to consider before purchasing the best kitchen faucet under $100 in 2022

We need to remember a few things while purchasing an inexpensive kitchen faucet because there are still thousands of faucets with high qualities, yet the price is meager. So you need to look at the list we provide you above and make a decision according to the features or considerations we are going to give you here.

Quality and Material

As you already know, the quality of anything already matters on its material so we can’t consider them separate. If you want a durable and stable product, always know about its material before going further.

Stainless steel, brass, metal alloy are some main materials that are normally used in faucets. Stainless steel’s faucet is the best choice in this meager budget.


Several faucets are available in the market like touchless, pull down, pull out, single handle, double handle, etc. usually, single-handle faucets come at this low price work better than two-handle faucets.

So always consider a single handle kitchen faucet when you have a budget of less than $100. Secondly, don’t go with touchless faucets because, in this price range, no one will give you the best faucet. Still, if any brand is offering, then, of course, it won’t work properly due to its cheap quality.

Design and Finish

Design always matters a lot more than anything because you will forget about them if you spend 50 or 500 dollars. Still, if the design you chose will be bad, you always regret it. Always take time before making a decision.

After that, its finish plays a crucial role in its looks, and a good finish saves it from corrosion and dirt. It keeps it clean and makes it cleanable with a piece of cloth.


I tried my best to give you a list of the best products with self-installation. It means almost all the faucets mentioned in the above list can be installed easily without any plumbing skill.


Price note only is the money we pay for the product but the price of value the brand or product adds to our lives. As all the products are in a very cheap price range, if you face any problem, it will not be their mistake because we are paying very less which means we are purchasing less value. I hope you understand.


This detailed guide is written by our writers, especially for those readers who have less budget and are looking for the best kitchen faucet under $100. We have tried our best to help you understand which is the best inexpensive kitchen faucet that is really good for your kitchen according to your needs

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