Luxury Faucet Brands (Best Kitchen Faucets in 2021

The worldwide luxury faucet brands market is growing at a healthy rate of 7% each year, according to the most recent Globe Newswire research.

Experts believe that the international market will continue to grow over the next decade, with no sign of slowing down.

There are numerous kitchen faucet producers and manufacturers on the market. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest and most dependable brands from all around the world for your convenience.

German, US, and Italian manufacturers ranging from high-end to more popular and budget-friendly choices are listed below.

What is a kitchen faucet?

Artesian faucets are like kitchen sinks, except that they’re usually much larger and costlier to install. They come in a variety of styles and designs, including vanity tops; wall mounted; ceiling-mounted; hand shower; integrated tub/shower combination (with the showerhead); and freestanding tubs with two handles.

The most well-known form is the French sink, which was originally designed for courtyards and manors in the 12th century AD.

Artesian faucets can be classified as pull-down, pull-out, handsfree, bar type, pot, and side spray units. Single versus dual control cartridge faucets work differently. Single control versions utilize a metal or plastic core while dual control gadgets etc.

German Luxury Faucet Brands:

Luxury faucet brands Grohe:

Grohe was founded in Germany in 1936 as a sanitary fittings manufacturer from its original location in Hemer and headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Within Grohe’s kitchen sink collections, touchless, hands-free, and foot-control sink versions are available in four different size choices (XS to XL).

Grohe offers stunning kitchen faucet solutions that include pull-down, pull-out, semi-professional, bar, and pot filling options in five different sizes (XS to XL).

The firm also creates kitchen faucets that provide on-demand chilled and sparkling water. Their “Blue Chilled and Sparkling” versions, for example, can offer filtered and chilled water straight from the tap.


Grohe was founded in 1949, so it’s only been around for 50 plus years.


The Furoshiki is an utilitarian Japanese bath towel, used in all situations. Shintoism is a religion that encourages both meditation and group rituals.

The term “Shinto” comes from the word for “the way of the gods”. Choose between home-focused and professional designs that include swivel nozzles, pull-out or pull-down spray capabilities.

Customers can select a design and adjust the amount of water released using Ecosite, an eco-friendly water reduction technology.

Finish options include black, gold stainless steel, chrome, nickel etc.


We’ll now look at some of the most famous and well-known luxury brands, like as Dornbracht.


This firm provides Polished Chrome, Platinum Matte, Dark Brass Matte, Dark Bronze Matte, and Dark Platinum Matte designer hues that complement the ultra-sleek and sophisticated faucets produced by Dornbracht.

Kitchen faucets are org by collection name, which is headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany since 1950. Within ten design libraries, these include a blend of conventional and cutting-edge versions.

Models delivering hot or cold filtered drinking water provide homemakers with innovative sprayers as well as pull-down and pull-out controls.



Heinrich Blanc, a member of the Blanco family, began the firm in 1925. It is now base in Oberderdingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany and is run by a family business.

BLANCO Linus-S – Kitchen Mixer Tap in SILGRANIT Look with Pull-Out Spout – High Pressure – Grey – 516688Blanco is a leading supplier of high-quality sinks and mixer taps for home kitchens, but it isn’t the only sink maker in town.

Blanco’s product line includes a wide range of materials and styles, with so many that collection options are too numerous to describe.


Jorge’s faucet designs are suited to a wide range of kitchen decors and styles, including the company’s five most popular tap collections.

The trademarks of a firm recognized for delivering trendsetting finishes such as chrome, mink, platinum, sunshine, bronze, and gold with matte alternatives include pleasant design and hand-crafted sophisticated surfaces.

This family company has a fascinating backstory: in 1909, Bernhard Jorger supplied all of the bathroom installations at Friedrich II of Baden’s palace.

However, if you go to the firm’s website, you will notice that all recent credit for design, sales, marketing, and product development goes to Gerhard E. Jorger and Oliver Jorger, who re-imagined the business and its product lines in the late 1960s.

USA Luxury Faucet Brands:

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular kitchen faucet brands available in the United States.


Since 1893, the Kohler Company has been “enhancing the level of gracious living through the provision of exceptional products,” as noted on its website.

The company offers a range of pull-down, pull-out, single and two-handle faucets in addition to faucets with one to four hole mounts.

luxury faucet brandsAccording to the company, however, the two brands compete “for a relatively small amount of total sales.” This may be because the majority of their business comes from around 20 selected stores.

luxury faucet brands

When you search for a kitchen faucet, it’s likely that the model is made by this manufacturer. Filter, 4-function pull-down, pull-out, wall mount, deck mount, single- and two-handle faucets as well as the company’s distinctive Measure Fill and handsfree products.

Commercial kitchen installations, spouts for residences and businesses, and variants available in American Standard’s collections come in all of the latest colors: estate bronze, legacy bronze, matte black, and colorways specific to particular designs.

American Standard’s faucets, like those from Kohler, appear to be less costly than those designed and produced abroad.


Moen, founded in 1956, offers as many options, designs, and features as the other U.S. manufacturers on this list do today, including Touchless kitchen faucets with Motion Sense controlled by a wave of the hand.

The Power Clean faucet was developed by Moen and eliminates caked-on food from pots by using brute force instead of elbow grease.

Shop by category to discover the best one- or two-handle, pull-out, pull-down, bar, or company’s unique “butler/filtration” style.

Shoppers may also select from a number of finishes: bronze, matte black; chrome and spot-resist stainless steel; and nickel with glass fiber filter.


luxury faucet brands

Delta began making faucets in 1954, and it has been doing so ever since. Over the years, Delta’s brand and products have expanded to include a wide range of residential and commercial goods.

Delta has been credit with a variety of innovations, including Touch2O Technology, which activates faucets with a single touch and the company’s DIAMONDTM valve, which ext Delta faucet lifespan by up to 5 million uses.

Single- and two-handle versions, pull-out and standard spouts, tall arcs plus bar designs are all available in Delta’s current 9 collection choices in chrome or stainless steel.


One of Brizo’s collections is name for fashion designer Jason Wu, who has lent his name to one of the designs. All of them are sold under the brand slogan “Brizo faucets are more than simply fittings; they’re pieces of creative art.”

All of the faucets shown on the Brizo website are grouped by type (pull-down, pull-out, articulating), collection (5 categories), and finishes (black matte & gold, chrome, nickel, gold, and stainless steel).

Single and two-handle versions of all Brizo facets are available; some have touch-clean, SmartTouch, VoiceIQ, and/or electronic valve technology.

Italian Faucet Brands:


There are some creative, foreign luxury faucet brands in the Lavaca collection. But you’ll have to do your homework to discover them because this firm provides a wide range of goods.

As a result, you won’t have as many alternatives in the kitchen faucet sector as the other businesses on our list.

Despite the fact that Lacava is now based in Chicago, some designs do have Italian names. Finishes on taps include matte black, titanium, brushed gold, chrome, nickel, and gold.

There are many accolades hanging on headquarters walls to corroborate this company’s dedication to design and quality.


luxury faucet brands

MGS is the luxury faucet brands build in Italy. Gravellona Tookean is MGS’ headquarters, and while it is own by a Swiss conglomerate, production takes place in Lugano.

The company’s design std is set by slim, minimalist shapes, Italian aesthetics, and Swiss engineering.

Docking capability is included pull-out and pull-down spouts, single and double heads, spray control, and child safety features.

Automatic switch-off is also available. The standard hot water dispenser is available in matte or polished black, titanium, rose gold, and yellow gold options. All U.S.-distribution faucets follow EPA Water Sense flow-rate requirements.


luxury faucet brands

Despite its unusual name (it’s formally “The House of Rohl”). This fixture company is based in California (made in Italy, however).

Yet every faucet in the wide Rohl library has a distinct continental feel when it comes to design. Traditional, transitional, and modern faucets are among the most popular designs produce by this firm.

Options with touchless technology are some of the company’s most popular items.

When you purchase, you may select from three faucet types and a wide range of kitchen, bar & prep areas (there’s also a beverage category). All of these models are available in collection sections.

The trip is require since Rohl claims to have 208 diff kitchen faucets, of which all are currently for sale. If you despise choosing, Also this firm’s massive product list might be worth skipping!