how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet in 7 easy steps and put it back

If you face leakage and dripping problems with the delta faucet, you are at the right post. We sometimes face these kinds of problems as though they are not much big, but it is very troublesome for an ordinary homeowner.

To give you a complete blueprint on disconnecting the sprayer hose from the delta faucet, I wrote this post to make it easy and convenient for every homeowner who faces this issue.

You will learn how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet without plumber and plumbing knowledge because I will step by step guide you to do this as easily as possible.

How does a sprayer hose work? 

Sprayer hose or tube connects the sprayer head and faucet. Hose supply water to the faucet, and then water comes out from the sprayer head.

A diverter in the hose diverts water from the faucet to the sprayer if the sprayer is on. In case if the sprayer is off, it won’t divert water to the sprayer.

Hose has the snap-on connection between the sprayer head and faucet, so there is a possibility that this connection gets loosened after some time and starts leaking from the connection.

What type of faucet do you have?

(identity which type of faucet you have and follow the procedure)

There are three types of Delta faucet with the sprayer hose in the market;

  •  single handle delta kitchen faucet
  •  double handle delta kitchen faucet
  •  pullout delta kitchen faucet

how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet

Now start following the procedure:

Required things:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Pot or Bucket
  • Replacement parts or new Sprayer Hose

Shut off the water supply:

First of all, shut off the sink water supply by turning off valves under the sink. If you don’t know how to shut off valves, you can cut off the home’s main water supply line.

Disconnect Hose:

Now it’s time to disconnect the sprayer hose from the outlet tube of the faucet. Don’t worry; it is a straightforward task because of its snap-on connection.

Lay down under the sink and try to find an outlet tube because the sprayer hose is connected to the outlet tube.

Check out if there is any clip or something like this used in connecting the sprayer hose to the outlet tube. Now unclip or remove whatever you found and place that away because you need that when you fit it back.

Take any bucket or pot and place it down the hose and outlet tube to get extra remaining water in it.

Now pull out or pull down the connection to disconnect the sprayer hose. But it totally depends on your connection type; either you should pull out or down.

If you have a pullout connection, then maybe you need a wrench to remove it. First, remove it with your hands; if it does not work, use a wrench.

Take the sprayer hose out:

Now take the sprayer hose out from the outlet tube and check if there is any leakage or dripping problem.

Disconnect the sprayer head:

Now, remove the sprayer head from the hose by unscrewing the slide nut anti-clockwise. Remove the sprayer head and put it aside.

If the nut is not screwing, take some white vinegar, mix it with water and apply it to the sprayer head nut.

After some time (1or 2 hours), unscrew the nut and remove the sprayer head.

If you have pulled out faucet type, then follow these steps;

Check either the connection is snap-on or threaded in connection.

In case of a snap-on connection, press the button and get the sprayer head out.

If threaded in connection, then use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the nut and remove the sprayer head out.

Replace or change the parts:

If you want to replace the sprayer hose or some parts of it, now it’s time to do it.

Clean the sprayer head and make sure there is nothing left that can cause leakage, dripping or any other issue.

Note; if your delta faucet’s warranty is valid, you can contact delta customer support and ask them to send a replacement of defective parts. They will send you free of cost all the replacement parts.

If the warranty is not valid, you need to go to a hardware store and buy all the parts from there.

Put the sprayer hose back:

If everything is ok. Now its time to put everything back, so follow the steps;

  • Connect the hose with the sprayer.
  • Connect the sprayer head with the hose.
  • Locate under the sink and fit the sprayer hose with an outlet tube.
  • If there is a clip to secure the sprayer hose with an outlet tube, secure it with the clip.
  • In case of pullout type, use weight to pull the sprayer hose back.
  • In the end, check the sprayer hose with your hand and make sure it is properly fit.

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Check if there is something wrong:

Shut on the water supply line and check if there is any leakage in the sprayer hose or sprayer head. If you find any leakage or dripping, then apply glue on that particular connection.

After that, put it back, and you will see the leakage has stopped completely.

Watch video tutorial on how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet:


That was the whole step by step procedure on disconnecting the sprayer hose from the delta faucet. I hope it will help you a lot.

In the end, I want to say, don’t rely on others for much easier tasks because these kinds of tasks always give an inner satisfaction when we do them ourselves.

So keep learning, keep doing, keep growing, keep smiling and keep sharing. Thanks for reading.

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