How To Tighten Kitchen Faucet Nut Under Sink

How To Tighten Kitchen Faucet Nut Under Sink? The kitchen is the busiest room in any home, and there is nothing essential in every kitchen but a well-functioning kitchen sink. Sometimes, however, you need to fix small issues without calling plumbing, including low water pressure kitchen faucets or loose faucets making a mess on the sink.

For example, if you know how to tighten a kitchen faucet nut under the sink, you can save time and money by repairing it at home. Although most kitchen faucets come with proper installation instructions, there are still some faucets that don’t have instructions, and fixing them can be a darn difficult task. If you’re facing a problem with a loose kitchen faucet nut under the sink, this quick procedure can help you deal with it.

As the company never gives instructions on tightening the faucet nut under the sink, that’s why you are wandering for the right information and procedure to follow then keep reading this post. If you are reading this post, it means the faucet gets loosened, and you don’t know exactly how to tighten kitchen faucet nut under sink. Then don’t worry because you are at the right post here I will guide you, the complete step by step procedure, and all the tools you require to do this job efficiently.

How To Tighten Kitchen Faucet Nut Under Sink Step By Step Process:

To tighten the kitchen faucet under the sink without having any issues and to do this task effortlessly, read the steps carefully, gather the tools you require for this task and then start following the procedure step by step.

Clear the area under the sink:

First of all, clear all the shelves or hurdles under the sink and make room for doing this task straightforward. Remove all the p-traps in the way of the faucet nut by unscrewing the nut that holds it with the sink tailpiece and wall drain with adjustable pliers.

Wear a Headlamp:

If there is darkness under the sink, you can wear a headlight to find the faucet nut easily without having any trouble.

Fit the faucet at the place:

After locating the nut, now it’s time to fit the faucet at the place it means to align the faucet in the appropriate place. To hold the faucet at the center place until the nut tight, you need someone’s help to hold it at the position.

Now start screwing the kitchen faucet nut under the sink with your hands until it stops screwing. Now let’s get started with the tools that you can use to tighten the nut to make it leak-free entirely.

Tools That You Can Use To Tighten Nut Under The Sink:

You can use many tools to tighten the nut, but here I will mention only those tools that will really work better and make your job done effortlessly.

Basin Wrench:

Using a basin wrench, you can tighten the kitchen faucet nut under the sink easily. Its jaws clamp onto the nut, and its long handle helps you a lot to reach the nut. Start rotating the handle clockwise to tighten the nut. When you move the handle, its jaws automatically tighten. Start rotating the handle clockwise until the nut is fully tight and the faucet is stationary. So this is how you can easily tighten nuts using a basin wrench. After reading this, you would be able to use a basin wrench almost for every task.

Needle Nose Vice Grips:

If you don’t have a basin wrench or it is not working for you. You can use a needle nose plier to tighten the nut. A needle-nose plier will work better than a basin wrench because you can lock its jaws on the nut, so you don’t need to stay focused to maintain jaws on the nut. Lock its jaws on the nut and rotate the handle to tighten the nut until you feel your job has been done. After tightening the nut, unlock the jaws, and that’s it. 

Adjustable Wrench:

You can also use An adjustable wrench to tighten the faucet nut under the sink. Still, it requires more attention and focuses if you use an adjustable wrench. You can adjust the jaws of a wrench on the nut and tighten the nut by rotating its handle clockwise. To adjust the nut’s jaws, use a nut that you will see on the wrench to fit its jaws on the nut and start tightening the faucet nut.

What if I don’t have any tools?:

You can follow various ways to tighten the kitchen faucet nut under the sink, like duct tape, two coins, zip tie, etc. As you know, it is not an easy task to do because the nut you need to tight is under the sink. Now, let’s suppose you tighten the nut by following such techniques, and you get success. But believe me, within some days it will start leakage or get loosened again. This circle of tightening and loosing the nut will go and goes until you completely tighten the nut with the perfect tool.

I am not against such techniques, but to save your precious time, I recommend you to go with the perfect strategy to tighten the nut under the sink so that you don’t need to do this job again and again. You can read our this post if you don’t have tools because there we have mentioned almost all the alternatives:

How To Tighten Kitchen Faucet Nut Under Sink (Video Tutorial)


Always go with the perfect planning, whatever you want to do, to get better and long-lasting results. The tools I have mentioned above will definitely help you a lot in tightening the nut under the sink.

So you don’t need to call the plumber for this task because after reading this step by step guide, everyone can tighten the kitchen faucet nut under the sink effortlessly. Anyway, if you still haven’t started and thought no I couldn’t do this, then you are wrong because everyone can do everything, think you are going to experiment, and as you know, success or failure is the part of the game. So do this you will definitely succeed.