Moen 87350ESRS Haysfield Motion Sense Touchless

Moen 87350ESRS Haysfield Motion sense touchless top reviews. If you want a faucet that lasts a long and does all jobs you wish, then Moen 87350esrs motionsense is the best choice for you.

Moen 87350ESRS haysfield motion sense touchless kitchen faucet has fantastic features and gorgeous looks to make your kitchen look modern and stylish.

87350esrs touchless kitchen faucet also offers a limited lifetime warranty to make your kitchen look fabulous for the lifetime.

Here I will give you all the details of the moen 87350esrs motion sense touchless kitchen faucet.

Moen 87350ESRS haysfield motion sense faucet review:

Moen 87350ESRS motion sense touchless kitchen faucet is designed to suit both modern and traditional kitchens. It has all the modern features and looks great that’s why it is loved and respected by thousands of customers.

Moen is one of the world’s best brands in this domain and working and serving humanity for the last many decades. Here we will give you a complete review of moen haysfield motionsense 87350ESRS touchless kitchen faucet.


It is designed and patented by Moen. That looks fantastic and plans to fit in all styles and types of kitchens. It has an aesthetic look with an outstanding and eye-catching finish.

Touchless Motion Sensors:

Moen 87350ESRS faucet has multiple sensors to detect objects and hands. You can turn on and off the flow of water with a wave of your hand over the curve of the faucet. It can even detect other objects you place under the faucet in the sink and activates the faucet.

This moen touchless motion sense kitchen faucet makes the cleaning and dishwashing process even more straightforward, effortless, and comfortable.


Moen 87350 ESRS motion sense kitchen faucet has stainless steel spot resistance finish. Spot resistance means it can resist scratches, fingerprints, water spots, rust, and corrosion.

So this faucet won’t easily rust, corrode, and not break even after years of use. You can clean this with just a piece of cloth or towel, and it will look as new as it was on the first day of installation.

Spray head:

Spray heads have many jobs to perform to make the cleaning and dishwashing process even more comfortable and convenient. It has a 68- braided hose to help you out to access the whole sink area.

It is also equipped with a reflex system to pull-down/ pull out sprayer heads movement easy, flexible and secure docking.

There is also a button on the spray head to pause the flow of water.

Single lever handle:

It has a single lever style handle to manage both the flow and temperature of water quickly.

So you can change the temperature of water from cold to hot or hot to cold by using this single handle.

You can change or control the flow of water with this single-lever style handle.

Water modes:

It offers different water modes and styles to make everyday households more comfortable, straightforward, effortless, and convenient.

Moen 87350 ESRS motion sense offers water in a stream, spray, and water pause function to stop the water flow. 

If you want to gather water in a jar or jug, you can use a stream water function and get the water.

And if you want to clean or wash dirty dishes, pans, or pots, you can use a spray water function to make your job even more convenient.

There is also a pause water option to stop water flow, which helps you a lot in saving water and water bill.

Soap dispenser:

Moen 87350ESRS has a soap dispenser that you can install on the fourth hole with the faucet. But it is totally up to you whether you install it or not.


You can install a moen 87350esrs touchless kitchen faucet on 1-hole and 3-hole systems. It comes with a deck-plate, which you can use to cover the extra two holes in the sink because this faucet needs only one 1-hole to install.

But you can install it on both 1-3 hole sinks. The installation process is easy. You can install it yourself within 30-minutes because it offers a duralock quick-connect system to install.

You have to read installation instructions, watch videos, and gather the required tools and other things to finish the job.

And if you cannot install it yourself, it would be better to call a professional plumber.

Limited lifetime warranty:

Moen’s all faucets and other parts or products rare backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can install and use this faucet confidentially because if there will be any issue, you can claim free replacement parts.

The finish also has a warranty if it fades or not resists fingerprints, water spots, corrosion, and rust moen will send you all the necessary parts to make it new.

There is also a five-year warranty on electronic parts if they cause any issue within the first five years of purchase.

What we like:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • 1,5 GPM water flow rate
  • ADA compliant
  • Straightforward installation
  • 1-3 hole installation
  • Three water functions
  • Spot resist stainless steel finish
  • Duralock quick installation
  • Multiple motion sensors
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What we don’t like:

  • 6 AA batteries required or optional AC, which are not included
  • People are complaining about this faucet (read reviews on

Things to consider while purchasing touchless faucets:

There are some key points to keep in mind while purchasing touchless faucets for your kitchen or bathroom.

Motion sensor:

Always select that touchless faucet that offers multiple motion sensors to detect the hands and other objects to turn on and off the water.

Design and look:

The faucet’s design and look matter a lot, so make sure that the faucet you have selected will match your kitchen’s look and style, and you are satisfied with that.

Finnish and sprayer:

The type of finish and sprayer functions you need always keep in mind before making a purchase.

Flow rate:

Almost all the faucets are ADA compliant and offer 1.5 to 1.8 GPM water per minute, so make sure to select the faucet which provides the required flow rate.

Power source:

Battery power faucets require a new battery after every two years, so if you don’t need a battery headache or don’t like it, you can always get an AC adapter to power the touchless faucet.


If you want DIY installation, always go with the faucets, which offer duralock quick connect systems and self-installation.


Moen motionsense 87350esrs is a fabulous model and has all the features which every homeowner needs.

This faucet has easy installation, a limited lifetime warranty, and multiple motion sensors to make your household chores even more convenient.

Moen 87350esrs motionsense touchless kitchen faucet will suit your kitchen and change its look and also the style.