Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Do you want to replace your old faucet with a Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet? I know your answer is yes; then, I will help you understand that the Hansgrohe lacuna faucet is right for you! If yes, then why.

Keep reading this post and after that, you will be able to decide whether you have to buy a Hansgrohe lacuna pull-down kitchen faucet or not. In the second part of the blog, I will also discuss some of the main benefits of using Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet, so make sure to read the whole post.

Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review:

Hansgrohe Lacuna is the most loved and purchased faucet of Hansgrohe. Every homeowner loves this Hansgrohe faucet and also recommends others to use Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. We will discuss its features and also pros and cons in this post so you have enough information to decide whether Hansgrohe Lacuna Kitchen Faucet is also good for you or not.

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You will get a 10-inch baseplate with a lacuna faucet. This 10-inch baseplate will cover the empty and unnecessary holes of the sink. This baseplate would help you cover the sink’s extra holes if the previous faucet installed in your sink was 3-holes. It also makes old sinks look good with the newly installed faucet because the base plate covers all empty and damaged spots of the sink.

Pause Mode:

Hansgrohe lacuna has a water pause function, which means you can temporarily stop the water flow. While washing or getting water in pots or pans, you can pause water. When you have water in a pan or pot you require, you can stop the flow of water, which helps you save water, and in this way, you will also consume your water bills and save gallons of water per day.

Sprayhead Swivel:

To make the sink cleaning process easy and breeze, lacuna offers a spray head that can swivel to the whole sink area. Spray head swivels to all the corners of the sink and makes water available in the sink’s whole area.

Boltic Lever Lock:

As you know, kitchen faucets are the most used faucets in any home. It gets loosened often due to repeated use of the faucet handle to run and stop the faucet. But Hansgrohe lacuna has a boltic lever lock which prevents it from becoming loose during repeated use. Boltic lock lever makes this faucet long-lasting and durable so that you can use this faucet without any issue for years.


Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet is available in two finishes, i.e., chrome finish and steel Optik finish. Both finishes are excellent and make the faucet’s surface scratch-free and corrode-resistant.

Ceramic Cartridge:

Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet also has a ceramic cartridge to make it leak-free, drip-free, and long-lasting. Ceramic is an inner part that people don’t keep in mind while buying a new faucet for their kitchen or bathroom. Ceramic makes faucets easy to use and keeps them leak-free. It also makes faucets durable and long-lasting.

150-Degree Swivel:

Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet has a 150-degree swivel to access the entire sink area. Complete sink access makes sink’s hard to clean spots easy to clean conveniently. A 150-degree swivel makes the big pots and pans cleaning and washing process easy and convenient.

Handles’ Vertical Starting:

Its vertical starting position handle permits installation even though it has a limited backsplash area. Its handle delivers cold water when we activate it forward instead of hot, which is, I think it’s a great benefit.

Spray Nozzle:

You can remove any dirt and limescale by rubbing over the nozzles. It means you can easily clean it with just a swipe of a finger over the spray nozzle. This feature makes this faucet easy to clean so that you can remove any dirt and limescale from the sprayer nozzle quickly and conveniently. You can use water from this faucet for drinking and cooking because it makes water germs-free if you regularly keep the sprayer nozzle clean from dirt and limescale.

Two-Function Spray Head:

It has a two-function spray head which means you can get water in aerated full spray and needle spray to get your job done. The aerated full spray means a stream of water used to gather water in big pots and jars. The needle spray use to wash and clean dirty dishes, pots, pans, and jars quickly and effortlessly.


You can easily DIY install it because you will get installation instructions to follow. Follow these instructions and install it without having any issue and paying the plumber’s fee.

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Some Important Benefits Of Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet:

Aesthetic Look:

It has an aesthetic look to fit in traditional and modern kitchens. Suppose you replace your old faucet with a kitchen faucet. In that case, it will change the whole look of your kitchen and make it attractive and eye-catching.

Save Water And Consume Bill:

Hansgrohe lacuna pull-down the kitchen faucet to save water up to 16+ gallons per day because it has a pause function to stop the water flow while using it temporarily.  If you use a pause function, you can consume your water bill and save water from going to the drain without use.

Low Price, High-Quality:

Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet is made of high-quality material and has quality finishes, making it rust, corrode-resistant. Every homeowner can replace an old faucet with lacuna because the price is dramatically low compared to quality.

Easy to Use, Maintain and Install:

Hansgrohe lacuna is easy to operate and maintain. You can easily use it with a single handle and keep it like new by cleaning it with a towel or piece of cloth. You can wipe a finger on its spray nozzle to clean any dirt and limescale. It is also easy to install yourself within some minutes.


It is a fantastic faucet with a low budget and has many unique and cool features. But if you need a touchless faucet, this one is not for you—overall, the right product with good looks and fantastic customer’s reviews. Go with Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet if you have less budget and need an excellent faucet with modern features and also impressive looks.