Hansgrohe Talis M Pull Down Kitchen Faucet, is it good Really awesome

A few years ago, people paid not much attention to kitchen decor. But in this decade, the kitchen is the first and foremost part of the modern home. No matter you have spent millions on the design and other essentials of a home. In case your kitchen is not designed well and accomplished with modern appliances, no one will like your home.

The faucet is the tiny part of the kitchen, but your kitchen will lose modernity without it. If you have all the other things modern except for the faucet, no one will like your kitchen, and we can’t even consider that kitchen as a modern kitchen. 

Here I will give you a detailed overview about choosing the best and modern kitchen faucet. Hansgrohe Talis M Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is the best choice in the market if you need it at an affordable price with almost all the modern era features.

Why Hansgrohe Talis M faucet?

I know we as human beings always want to know if we will do this then what happened if that then what happened. Similarly, when we purchase something we want to know why I choose this?

In choosing one thing from thousands, everybody gets confused but don’t worry because in choosing Hansgrohe talis M you need to read this full review. I am 101% sure that you won’t regret ever.

The answer is straightforward to choose Hansgrohe Talis M because this faucet is a commercial design and available at a very affordable price. If the price is low it doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. Hansgrohe experts’ hard work makes this happen.

The features that Hansgrohe talis M offers are amazing and impressive. Hansgrohe talis M has sleek design, modern look, two water modes, durability and reliability, easy installation, baseplate, and much more.

A brief introduction of Hansgrohe Talis Brand:

“Hansgrohe SE is a German sanitary fittings manufacturer. It was founded by Hans Grohe in 1901, in Schiltach, Germany. Hansgrohe is one of the world’s largest shower head, hand shower and tap suppliers, next to competitors such as Grohe and Kohler. Principal shareholder is the Masco Corporation, Taylor, Michigan, United States”.(en.wikipedia.org)

You can read more about this brand on wikipedia and other websites.

Features that make Hansgrohe Talis M different from others:

Hansgrohe Talis M is the newest edition in the products of the Hansgrohe brand. Hansgrohe Talis M has modern design, sleek finish, two water modes, and many other amazing features. 

Hansgrohe Talis M has surprising features which none other brand has at this affordable price with a modern and commercial style.

So the following are some main and important features of Hansgrohe Talis M pull down kitchen faucet;


Hansgrohe Talis M is made of high-quality Brass. Which makes it durable and long lasting. Now you would think what Brass, which makes it strong is, so the answer is;

“Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve varying mechanical and electrical properties. It is a substitutional alloy: atoms of the two constituents may replace each other within the same crystal structure”.(en.wikipedia.org)

This faucet does not get easily damaged until you drop it from a high height. Its durability also makes it powerful against scratches of daily use to save its sleekness.

When you install it, you will have heavy parts which mean they are strong and made of high-quality material. So, the material used in making this faucet is amazing and durable to make this faucet long-lasting.

Modern and Sleek Design:

The modernity and sleekness of Hansgrohe Talis M make it the best choice for the modern kitchen. 

If you have a modern kitchen and are looking for a commercial and modern design, this is the perfect choice for your kitchen. You will be surprised to know that Hansgrohe Talis M is on the list of the top 10 best modern and commercial kitchen faucets of 2021. 

On the other hand, if you like a traditional looking faucet or you have a simple kitchen, Hansgrohe Talis M is also best for you because of its sleek look.

Anyway, this faucet is more than just better if we talk about modernity and sleekness because it has both these features with more than your expectations.


Base plates cover the unused holes of sink systems while installation or after the previous installation if there is any uncovered hole left on the system.

The base plate is essential to use because if you don’t cover the unused holes, it will make your entire system look old and odd to see.

Hansgrohe Talis M has a 10-inches base or deck plate with the package, which makes it complete. So there is no need to worry if your system has extra holes. You can easily cover them with the base plate you received from Hansgrohe Talis.

The material used in making the base is the same used in the faucet so that the base will last a long more than your expectations. Its base is durable, which really makes it long lasting.


Finnish is the upper body of the faucet, which actually makes it sleek or shining. So we can say Finnish is the upper touch of the faucet, which we see and touch.

Hansgrohe Talis M is available in two finishes, chrome, and steel optic.

So if you have other appliances in your kitchen having steel finishes, you can choose steel finnish. And if you have chrome finishes, you can buy chrome finish Hansgrohe Talis M faucet.

Choose the finish that suits your kitchen the most if you really want to get fit and change your kitchen’s entire look.

Lever Style Handle:

It has a lever style handle to control the temperature and flow of water. None other brand is using lever handle because it causes leakage, dripping, and many other issues. 

But Hansgrohe Talis M has beaten all the issues and problems and made it more powerful. You can change the temperature of water by moving the handle down or up.

It will take some days to understand where the temperature gets cold and which place gets hot. But within some days, you will overcome this.

Two Water Modes: 

Two water modes make Hansgrohe Talis M modern, easy to use, and convenient. You can change water mode with a button placed on the sprayer head.

Spray Mode: normally, spray water mode is used to wash big pots and dishes. A fast spray of water makes the dish cleaning process very easy and convenient.

Stream Mode: this mode is normally used to collect water in a dish or pot for cooking and sometimes to get water in a jug for drinking.

Hansgrohe Talis M has a spout rotation of 150-degree which means the spout head can easily access the entire sink.

Ceramic Cartridge:

An amazing feature of faucets that we literally ignore while purchasing because no one properly guides us about its importance and the role which cartridges perform in any faucet.

It is basically an inner part of the faucet. The cartridge is used to keep the faucet leakage free. We usually see that faucets leak water from the handle and the purpose. In contrast, handle leaks is the damaged or low-quality cartridge used in making that faucet.

This M has high-quality ceramic cartridges to ensure a leakage-free faucet. And almost 99% of faucets with ceramic cartridges don’t leak even after years of use.


Hansgrohe offers an easy installation of Talis M faucet. The installation process becomes easier due to all the faucet installation requirements that comes with the package you order.

Suppose you are replacing an old faucet with Hansgrohe Talis M. In that case, you may face a little problem while fitting the hose. However, if you will follow the installation instructions you received with the package, it becomes easier.

Its installation is easy, so you don’t need any plumber for this task. You can easily install it yourself without anybody’s help.


  • Modern design
  • Two water modes
  • Easy installation
  • base plate 
  • Three-hole installation
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • 150-degree spout swivel
  • Single lever handle
  • 10.53 pounds weight
  • Brass Body
  • Durable
  • Affordable 
  • Two finishes


  • Plastic sprayer head
  • Low water pressure

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How to install Hansgrohe pull down kitchen faucet(video tutorial):


How does the spray button work?

On the spray head of the faucet, you will find a button. This button is used when you use spray mode of water. This is a push-down button. It means when you push the button, the water comes in a spray mode, but when you don’t push the button, it comes in a stream mode of water. So, it is a button that you need to push down until you need spray mode. If you leave the button, it starts to stream water.

What is the length and material of the base?

A 10-inches base plate is included in the package, which is made of the same material. The material (Brass) is used in making the hose to cover the unused holes of the system.

Can I install it on a single hole?

Yes, you can install it on 1-hole systems. It has a base plate for 3-hole systems, but you can install it on 1-hole systems easily.

What is the handle material?

The handle is made of Brass to make it leak-proof.

Is it easy to install?

It is effortless to install. You will receive complete instructions for installing and all the things you are required to install it. So you can easily install it without taking any help. If you have ever done any plumbing job, you can still easily install it.

Is it durable?

Yes, it is durable because of the material used in making this faucet.

What about hose?

The faucet hose is approximately 15-inches. So even if you have a large kitchen, it will easily fit.

Is Hansgrohe Talis M a good faucet?

Yeah! Keeping in mind all the features and reviews of customers on hansgrohe talis M pull down kitchen faucet we can say it’s a good faucet for both traditional and modern kitchen’s.


Hansgrohe Talis M pull-down kitchen faucet is the result of 116 years of hard work. Hansgrohe Talis was researching to make a faucet with a modern and traditional look. They got success and made Hansgrohe talis M with a unique blend of modernity and simplicity.

Hansgrohe Talis M is the best product in the market with amazing design and available for almost everyone at a meager price. It suits every kitchen as it is made just for it.

So if you change the look of your kitchen, again and again, it is also best for you because of its sleek design, which makes it fit in almost all the modern kitchen designs and styles.

We can say Hansgrohe talis M is the only solution to all the needs, requirements, styles, designs, and whatever you want in the faucet you buy.