Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney Motion Sense Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen Delaney Motionsense world’s renowned brand offers this fantastic Delaney motion sense touchless kitchen faucet for touchless faucet lovers. This touchless kitchen faucet is more than just a tool because of the advanced features like motionsense, pull out sprayer, spot and water-resistant stainless steel finish etc. Moen Delaney motionsense is easy to install and also backed by Moen’s lifetime limited warranty. So, upgrading your old faucet with Delaney means a tool to use for a lifetime without having any issue.

Moen Delaney Motionsense Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review:

Moen Delaney motionsense kitchen faucet is attractive and filled with many features to offer. Here we will cover all the features and benefits you get if you install this faucet in your kitchen.

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Contemporary look and feel:

Moen Delaney motionsense has a contemporary look and feel that makes it attr and eye-catching. It looks simple and traditional, yet has modern features to offer and change your kitchen style and decor. Delaney faucet fits both traditional and modern kitchen styles and decors. So upgrade your old faucet with Delaney and make your kitchen look more attractive and beautiful.

Motion sensor:

Moen Delaney 87356E2SRS is a motion sensor touchless kitchen faucet. It has two types of sensors to turn on and off the tap.

Wave Motion Sensor:

Wave motion sensor located on the top of the faucet. It starts the faucet when you wave your hand on the top of the faucet and turns it off when you again wave your hands on the top of the faucet.

Ready Sensor:

The ready sensor is located near the base of the faucet. The ready sensor detects any objects you place under the faucet sprayer and turns on the tap. When you did your job and take objects away from the sensor’s range, it automatically turns off the faucet.

Single handle:

Moen Delaney also has a lever style single handle to turn on or off the water and control the temperature. So you can use motion sensors or also a single handle to control and manage water flow and temperature of the water.

Spot-resistant finish:

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney touchless kitchen faucet has stainless steel finish that resists water and finger spots. Finger and water spot-resistants make this faucet look beautiful for years and also make this faucet easy to clean and maintain like a new with just a wipe of a cloth. Moen also offers a lifetime limited warranty of finish. If your faucet finish causes any issue, you can claim rep or also get free of charge parts to make the finish new.

Pull out sprayer:

Pull out sprayer makes your everyday cleaning and washing process easy and convenient. Its pull out sprayer also offers multi water ftn like regular stream and spray. If you need fast water to wash dirty dishes, pots, or pans, you can use the spray option to make your job easy.

Moen motionsense Delaney also offers a stream option to fill large pots or pans with water. You can toggle between spray and stream by just pushing a button located on the sprayer head. A 68-inches braided sprayer hose ensures access to every corner of your sink and makes your washing job done easier. 1.5 Gallons of water flow rate per minute is efficient and useful for any home kitchen needs.

High-quality cartridge:

Moen uses a high-quality cartridge that makes the Delaney kitchen faucet leak and drip-free for years. The cartridge is the faucet’s inner part that can make any faucet durable and stable for years w/o facing any leakage problem.

Easy installation:

Moen motion sense Delaney kitchen faucet is easy to install. You can install it on 1-2-3-4 hole sinks. It comes with a matching deck plate to cover unused holes in the sink. The matching soap dispenser is also includes ding. You can also install it yourself by watching the video given below in the faq section and reading installation instructions carefully.

Power Source:

87350E2SRS Delaney touchless kitchen faucet has both battery or AC adapter options to choose from for power source. 6 AA batteries are required to run the faucet if you choose a battery power source. Batteries are not included in the faucet box, so you have to purchase the batteries separately. An AC adapter is also acceptable to run Moen motionsense kitchen faucet, which is also not included in the box.

Lifetime limited warranty:

Moen offers a lifetime limited warranty on its Delaney motionsense touchless kitchen faucet. Delaney faucets Finish also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can also claim any damaged part free of cost for a lifetime.

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Moen motionsense Delaney touchless kitchen faucet is one of the best touchless available faucets in the market. It has all the feat and an easy install process to make any kitchen tasks convenient and also comfortable. A lifetime ltd warranty makes this faucet more trustable. So install it confidently b/c if you face any issue, you can claim free replacements. I hope our unbiased review of moen motionsense Delaney kitchen faucet will help you a lot. 


How to install Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney kitchen faucet?

Watch this video tutorial by moen to install Delaney motionsense touchless kitchen faucet. If you don’t know how to remove your old kitchen faucet to install a new one in that place, don’t forget to read our full detailed guide on how to remove moen kitchen faucet.

Does Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney kitchen faucet backed by lifetime limited warranty?

Yes, moen Delaney touchless kitchen faucet has a lifetime limited warranty of finish and other parts. You can buy and install with confidence because you will receive a free rep if any part gets damaged.

How long should a Moen faucet cartridge last?

App Moen faucet cartridges last 20-30 years because of the high-quality cons material.