Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet Review

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton single handle, pull-down kitchen faucet is one of the best available faucets in the market that lasts longer than a home. The Delta Ashton faucet has speed clean technology, magnaTite docking system, diamond seal technology, elegant look, design and style, various water functions, and an easy-to-use single handle.

All these features and lifetime limited warranty makes the Delta Ashton faucet popular among homeowners. If you are excited to read more features and functions of the Delta Ashton faucet, keep reading our delta Ashton faucet reviews for 2021.

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet Review:

Here I will cover all the features and benefits of having a Delta Ashton faucet. If you are going to upgrade your old faucet with the Delta Ashton 19922-sssd-dst kitchen faucet, then definitely read our Delta Ashton faucet reviews to understand its features better.

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Elegant design and look:

First of all, the Delta Ashton 19922-sssd-dst kitchen faucet is designed to fit traditional and modern kitchens. Delta Ashton will change your kitchen’s complete look and style and make it more attractive and engaging. I think the best faucet if you are looking for both a good looking and modern features faucet to upgrade your old one.


High-quality construction and the used material, which is metal turned this faucet into a durable and long-lasting faucet. Delta guaranteed that it would last for 5 million uses. It means it will last more than your expectations, or we can say more than your home. The finish is stainless steel which makes it rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s not only good in looks but also has a high-quality finish and construction to last for years.

Multi-water flow:

Delta Ashton offers multi water flows to make your kitchen tasks easier and convenient.  It offers both stream and spray of the water. You can toggle between spray and stream by pushing a button located on the sprayer head. If you need high water flow, you can use a stream function that delivers 2.0 GPM water. But if you need an efficient water flow rate of 1.5 GPM, then use a spray function.

High-arc spout with 360-degree swivel:

This high-arc design will make your washing experience with oversized pots and pans straightforward and convenient. It also has a 360-degree spout swivel to access the whole sink area. Delta Ashton has a pull-out sprayer, so a pull out sprayer with a 360-degree spout swivel will make your washing process more comfortable.

Touch clean technology:

Touch clean technology makes this faucet easy to clean. You can remove lime and hard water buildup by just wipe of your finger. So you can remove any mineral buildup from its spray holes because it’s sprayer holes support touch clean technology.

MagnaTite docking system:

MagnaTite docking system makes the Delta Ashton kitchen faucet automatically detachable after every use. It utilizes magnets in the faucet spout to detach the sprayer completely when you use a pull-out sprayer. Even if you don’t use the Delta Ashton faucet, its sprayer stays docked and not loosened.

Diamond seal technology:

Delta Ashton uses diamond seal technology to make it durable and like-new even after years of use. Delta uses this diamond seal over the cartridge to make it safer and secure from rust and corrosion. So this diamond seal embedded valve makes the Delta Ashton faucet durable and long-lasting for years. This diamond seal technology also makes this faucet leak and drip-free. So you will get a leak-free faucet even after years of use.

Single-handle control:

Delta Ashton has a single handle to turn on and off the faucet. This single-handle controls both cold and hot water. So you use this single handle to change it from cold to hot or hot to cold. A single handle makes this faucet easy to use and manage.

Matching soap dispenser and deck-plate included:

You will get a matching soap dispenser and deck-plate with the Delta Ashton faucet. You can install it on 1-2-3 or 4-hole systems. Although the soap dispenser has cheap quality material, it’s good because it matches your faucet, so you can install it if you want.


Delta Ashton offers easy installation, but not everyone can install the delta Ashton kitchen faucet. So you have to pay a plumber to install this faucet because Delta recommends, call a professional plumber to install this faucet. But if you want to install it yourself, then don’t forget to read the start guide you receive with the faucet. This guide will help you a lot to establish the Delta Ashton faucet yourself.

Lifetime limited warranty:

Delta offers a lifetime limited warranty on the Delta Ashton 19922-sssd-dst single handle pull down kitchen faucet. So you can purchase and install it with confidence, knowing that you will get free replacement of damaged parts if everything went wrong. The customer support of Delta is also brilliant and supportive. Whenever you contact them, they reply to you immediately and solve your issue as soon as possible.

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What we think about delta Ashton 19922-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet:

According to us, you should replace your old faucet with a delta Ashton faucet if you want to get the tap for a lifetime. But if you want to give a new look to your kitchen, again and again, to change the style and look of your kitchen then, I think you don’t have to buy this faucet. Because it’s suitable for mature homeowners who want to get a faucet for a lifetime of easy use. But it is up to you whether you buy it or not. I hope our delta Ashton faucet reviews will help you understand better about it.