Kraus KPF-2250SS Pull-out Kitchen Faucet Review (2022)

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With the perfect combination of affordability and modern designs, Kraus kpf2250 is the best choice for you.

Its sleek and versatile design, high-efficiency rate, easy-to-use, easy to maintain and limited lifetime warranty make it best for consumers, especially those looking for a small-size pull-out kitchen faucet.

Kraus kpf-2250 has two water modes, single lever style handle, ceramic cartridge, stainless steel Finnish, and many more amazing features at this lowest price with a limited lifetime warranty.

Let’s get into the review!

Kraus KPF-2250SS Review
Finish TypeStainless Steel
Installation TypeDeck mount
MaterialSolid Brass
Mounting TypeDeck mount
Number of handles1

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Kraus KPF-2250SS Pull-out Kitchen Faucet Review 2022:

Review Summary: In my opinion, Kraus KPF-2250SS hits the perfect combination of style, and durability that fits in your budget.

It has steel finish to make it look modern and the spray spout is plastic (which is hard to notice).

The high arching design (a trend with all faucets with modern aesthetics) makes water splitting a bit less fun. I give it a thumbs up.

Kraus KPF-2250SS Pull-out Kitchen Faucet Video Review

Design & Material

Just like the Hansgrohe Talis M pulldown faucet, the Kraus KPF-2250SS has a body made of solid brass (for longevity) and an exterior steel finish.

The faucet head is made of plastic which is something that might turn people off but I guess it helps to contribute for the low cost of the product. It doesn’t look plastic-y and I couldn’t differentiate it from the rest of the body with steel finish.

The design is high-archaic and the water pressure is very good compared to some of the delta models with higher output value. The pull-out faucet reverts back sleekly to the original position

Single lever style handle

Kraus kpf 2250ss has a single lever style handle.

This single-handle controls both cold, hot, and also the temperature of the water. Either you want to increase or decrease water flow, this single-lever style handle makes this easy and effortless even without moving your body.

You can change water from cold to hot and vice versa with this single handle and do your washing or cleaning more efficiently and comfortably.

So, its single handle does all its job easy and straightforward.

Pull out sprayer

It has a pull-out sprayer which makes it more convenient and comfortable for the user while washing big jars or pans. It has a 120-degree spout swivel and also has a reach of 12 inches to make all the tasks easier and comfortable.

It’s pull-out sprayer made of plastic, which is also good because sometimes the sprayer (spout) drops from hand and makes scratches on dishes. But if plastic sprayer falls, it won’t hurt any dishes or pots.

Two water functions

Kraus kpf2250ss has two functions or modes of water which you can change with a single button located on the sprayer head according to your need. Spray mode and stream mode are available in the Kraus kpf-2250 kitchen faucet and switching from either to or is a breeze.

You can use spray mode while washing dirty plates or dishes and also while washing vegetables or fruits.

It is totally up to you when and why you use spray mode of water.

Stream mode typically used when getting water in jugs or big jars. But as we have already discussed, it is up to you how you use your Kraus kpf 2250 kitchen faucet.

Ceramic cartridge

The ceramic cartridge is such a fantastic feature that generally people don’t focus on while purchasing a kitchen faucet.

Ceramic cartridge makes it leak-free. Cartridges used to make kitchen faucets leak-free and durable. So, it is a nice feature of the Kraus kpf2250 kitchen faucet which makes it drip-free and leak-free even after years of use.

The cartridge is the inner part of the kitchen faucet which people don’t look on while purchasing a kitchen faucet.

Cartridges make faucet leak-free and drip-free. And if the faucet starts leaking, you can change or clean the cartridge. 

Effortless installation process

Straightforward installation is a fantastic feature of Kraus KPF 2250. You will get manual installation instructions with the product.

Deck-plate also included in the package of Kraus KPF2250.

You don’t need a plumber to install Kraus kpf 2250. You can install it yourself without having plumbing knowledge and anybody’s help.

Supply lines not included in the package, so you need to buy them separately or use your old ones. 

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Limited lifetime warranty

Kraus offers a limited lifetime warranty of all its products for the consumers. And you can say a lifetime warranty makes Kraus kpf2250 more trustable and convenient for those people who don’t want to purchase without a warranty kitchen faucet.

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Kraus KPF-2250SS Faucet Pros & Cons

Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of the KPF faucet so that it is easy to have a bird’s eye view on what you are purchasing.


  • Sleek, simple & versatile design
  • Easy on the budget (in fact it is way cheaper than some of the models of high end brands like Delta, Moen etc.)
  • Easy to install
  • It doesn’t drip when shut off
  • The shower head retracts to its position when turned off (something handy when you have kids who like to splash water)
  • Water pressure is great


  • Faucet head is made of plastic although it isn’t noticeable
  • Water pressure is great but some might like it to be a little mild
  • Supply pipelines aren’t included


Based on our review of the Kraus kpf2250 faucet, it is a fantastic kitchen faucet, especially if you have a small kitchen. Kraus kpf-2250ss is low in price but has high-quality material, high performance, and a high-efficiency rate.

Almost all the features of the modern age, Kraus kpf 2250 pull-out kitchen faucet has. And it deserves your focus on if your budget is low, but you need high-quality kitchen faucet.

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FAQs on the Kraus KPF2250SS Faucet Review

What is the KPF2250 Faucet spout reach & overall height?

The spout sits about 7.5 inches above the counter deck and the reach is about 9.5 inches. The overall high of the unit is about 10.5 inches above the counter.

Can we clean the aerator?

Yes, in fact Kraus recommended cleaning the aerator at regular intervals to remove water debris.

What is the length of the spray hose?

The spray hose is about 12 inches in length.

Can we get replacement of parts of this faucet if need be?

Yes, you can get replacement parts and customer service by contacting Kraus Customer Service at 800-775-0703 or via email at

Does the spoutswivel or is stationary?

As stated in our review above, the spout swivels over 120 degrees.

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