How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws

To remove the faucet handle without screws, you need to understand what type of handle your faucet has? If you don’t know what type of handle your faucet has, read all the three ways of removing the handle without screws.

No matter which type of handle your faucet has, we have discussed all the types of handles and their removal procedure in detail. After reading this article, you would be able to remove all types of faucet handles without screws.

How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws

There are main 3 types of faucet handles so we will give you a detailed guide of every type to make your job easy. So let’s get started with today’s guide of How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws.

How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws that have a cap or button

Turn off the water supply:

First of all, turn off the water supply line of your sink. If you don’t know how to turn off the sink water supply line, cut off the main water supply line.

Remove button or Cap:

Now take a look at the handle and see whether you find a button or Cap on the side or top. The next step is to use a flat screwdriver for popping off the Cap or button slowly and gently by working around the edge until it comes out. Always keep in mind the handles and caps or buttons of faucets are very delicate, so work with full otherwise, they can break. In that case, you need to purchase a new one.

Cover the drain and Remove the Screw:

After removing the Cap, now you will see a screw. Before pulling the screw off, make sure you have covered the drain. In case you don’t cover the drain, you can lose the screwdriver. If this happens, you need to purchase a new one, which will lose a lot more time and money.  After that, assume the size of the screwdriver to get the perfect wrench for this job. Now use Allen Wrench to get the screw off.

Pull the Handle off:

Now you will see the handle, you can easily remove the handle with your hands, but as I have discussed earlier, they are too delicate, so it is better to use a “faucet handle puller” or “pair of pliers” to pull the handle off without having any issue. Ensure that you have covered the tap with the old piece of towel to save its surface from scratches. If you don’t do this, you may have lost the look, sleekness, and shyness of the tap, which will make your faucet look bad.

Remove Mineral Deposits:

After removing the handle, now maybe you will see mineral deposits. To dismiss them, use lemon or distilled white vinegar to make your faucet look better.

Final Step:

Now do what you want to do because removing the faucet handle without screws has been done. Either you want to clean or change the cartridge, do it and then follow the steps back to fit everything as it was.

How To Remove A Double Handle Faucet Without Screws

Turn off the sink water supply:

As a safety precaution! You need to turn off the supply of water to your sink. You found a valve under the sink to turn off the water supply.

Twist the Base:

Now hold the faucet’s handle arm in place and move the base counterclockwise and remove it.

Remove the Screw:

After removing the base, you will now see the screw. To remove this, you need a “phillips head screwdriver.” Using this screwdriver, you can easily remove the screw.

Pull the Cartridge out:

After that, you will see a white cartridge underneath. To remove the white cartridge, you need “needle nosed pliers” to make your job easier and convenient. Some people face problems while pulling the cartridge off even after use of pliers. So for those people our advice will be, always buy faucets from well-known brands like Moen, Delta, Kraus, etc., because these brands offer free limited lifetime replacement.

How To Remove A Lever-Style Faucet Handle Without Screws

Remove cold/hot water button

On the front of the handle, you will see a cold/hot water button. It would be best if you put the switch off the handle with a flat head screwdriver. But be careful while doing this job because this nut has a small size and can be lost easily in the sink’s drain. To save the button, you need to cover the drain with a piece of cloth or towel.

Remove Allen Key:

There will be no screw but an Allen key, and that Allen key means you need an Allen Wrench to get that screw or Allen key out.

Get the handle off:

After removing the Allen Key, now you can quickly get the handle off with your hands. So if your faucet has a cartridge, keep reading and follow the same steps, but if your faucet doesn’t have a cartridge, then you reached the place from where the water comes out.

Pull off the top piece:

After removing the handle, now pull off the top piece of the cartridge with your hands.

Remove the gold-colored piece:

Now remove the gold-colored piece with your hands, but if you cannot remove it with your hands, then use an Allen wrench to get it off. If you use an Allen wrench, then cover the piece with a cloth or towel to ensure its safety from scratches.

Replace the Cartridge:

Now you can do what you want to do with it. We always recommend replacing your cartridge with a new one because it is tough to replace its parts. Secondly, return its inner parts instead of replacing them with a new one. You will face problems repeatedly until you replace it with a new one.


We know to remove the faucet handle without screws is not an easy job for people who don’t have plumbing knowledge and skills. Keeping in mind the difficulties and problems of an individual home-owner, we write this article to help you out with that problem and question, how to remove faucet handles without screws?